A poem by Benjamin, one of Providence Center’s Teen Leaders.
“Dedicated to anybody that has been abused.”

Push me down,I might seem weaker
You, thinking i might not seem brighter
but i’m wiser!
with every cut!
with every bruise!
i have covered,
your strength made me weaker… for a short time
you made me bleed
thinking you were wiser
but thanks to you
i’ve became a lot stronger
made my skin a little bit tighter
throughout the black and blue
i have been afraid
to hurt the thing i love
noticing i need to move forward
show the world
who contains the Real power!
not physically but mentally
you where my worst nightmare
i didn’t run away,i thought you cared
nightmares always end
they’re a project
that i could fix over time
you’re the reason i’ve moved on
and the reason i found