At Providence Center, children are empowered to overcome challenges and grow into their unique selves.  Poverty and violence can rob kids of their childhoods and stifle their dreams.  The children in our program receive the emotional and academic support they need to be resilient, helping them grow as joyful, creative, and caring individuals.

Our after school program, called Power, works with children in grades K-6, offering them a safe and caring environment dedicated to helping the children grow into their unique selves.  Our programming contains the following elements:

  • Snack Time: A healthy snack is provided through the school at the beginning of the program.
  • Circle Sharing: Circle sharing as a daily ritual to check-in with students to facilitate positive sharing, help students develop their emotional awareness and communication skills, and deepen relationships between students, and between students and staff.
  • Homework assistance and tutoring: This is especially important for our students, as many of their parents and caregivers do not speak English and are unable to assist with homework. Students are assisted with their homework one-on-one or in small groups by teachers, volunteers, and Teen Leaders.
  • Social and emotional learning: We provide skill-building lessons, inspiring stories, and arts integration—drawn from a variety of books and curricula—that focus on exploring and developing each child socially and emotionally. These activities are designed to be fun—after all, the children just spent all day in school—but they also reinforce our focus areas: Peaceful Conflict Resolution (Problem-Solving, Nonviolence); Achievement Motivation (Setting Goals, Learning Engagement); Personal Power (Self-Control, Emotional Intelligence); Cultural Competence (Diversity Appreciation, Self-Esteem).
  • Field Trips: In addition to our daily activities, we also provide field trips for the students and their families. These trips broaden the students’ worlds, opening their eyes to new possibilities. The children visit museums, colleges, theaters, and more!

Providence Pledge

On most days, the children recite a belief statement that declares their personal power.

I am a winner of Providence praise,
Developing my strengths in so many ways.
I’m bright and caring, with a great imagination;
I honor my community, and all of creation.
I have personal power; I’ve got my own voice.
I can solve any problem and make the best choice.
I have a future filled with possibilities,
And I can do anything through developing my abilities!