At Providence Center, adults find the confidence and learn the skills to build a better life for themselves and their families. Not knowing English can be isolating. Studying together in our English classes, men and women gain the ability to help their children with homework, find better jobs, and fully join in the life of the city.

Our English as a Second Language classes serve over 300 adults each year, offering four different levels of competency. Adults join us for 50 hour semesters in Fall, Spring, and Summer, studying in the morning or evening. They come because they want to help their children with homework, or speak to their doctor, or go shopping, or find a better job. They come seeking a better life, and at Providence Center they find experienced and compassionate teachers and a community of other students who help them achieve their dreams.

School-Based Classes
In addition to the classes at Providence Center, we also teach in local elementary schools. Parents can drop off their children in the morning and stay for their own class. Partnering with the schools is not only convenient for the parents, but it also helps them to build connections at their children’s school.