Leticia, a graduate of St. Edward’s and member of Providence Center’s prayer group, shared a reflection at our anniversary. She spoke of Sr. Mary Agnes Toomey, who passed away before Providence Center was founded, but whose commitment to helping families inspired our mission.

“When my parents returned to Puerto Rico they gave me their home. The paperwork involved was very overwhelming, and a conversation with Sr. Agnes calmed my fears. If you knew Sr. Agnes, this next part of the story will not be surprising. She told me how she could help me get grants to get new windows, doors, and roofing. Which were badly needed!

“My windows, doors, and roofing are part of many silent testimonies to Sis-ter in our neighborhood. Sister died in 1993, in February, and St. Edward closed right after that. That was a tremendous loss to me, and I felt so dis-connected from the church.

“Later, I found out that the Holy Child Sisters were on 4th Street. They called their house the Providence Center. Providence Center filled a void in my life. .. From St. Edward’s to Providence Center, a short walk. A happy part of my life’s journey.”