Vee and Jelilah

Children come to “Power”, our youth program, to have a safe place to go after school, receiving homework help and enjoying enriching activities. The children also receive important support to help them cope with stresses and traumas they have experienced. Many of the children have witnessed violence and addiction, and so Power teaches […]

Children’s Peace Walk

Julia De Burgos, the school where we run our youth programs, was put on lockdown five times in 2014 because of shootings outside the classroom walls. Providence Center empowers children to make positive changes in their lives and community, so we were thrilled to support the school’s Peace Walk. Our kids made signs […]

Evelin’s Story

In the Dominican Republic, I had a good job. As I improve my English, I’ll have more opportunities to get a good job here. Also, I’d like to help my son more with his school work.

Evelín is one of approximately 300 adult students we serve every year in our English classes. […]

Samantha’s Note

Written by Sam, to one of the children she tutors:
I made you these multiplication paper flash cards. I made them because you told me you needed help with multiplying. I also added some examples of how to multiply single digit numbers, double digit, and 3 digit numbers. I know you have the […]

The Providence Pledge

(Recited at the beginning of each program day)
I am a winner of Providence Praise,
Developing my strengths in so many ways.
I’m bright and caring, with a great imagination,
I honor my community, and all of creation.
I have personal power; I’ve got my own voice.
I can solve any problem and make the best choice.
I have a future filled […]

Moving Out! by Ben

A poem by Benjamin, one of Providence Center’s Teen Leaders.
“Dedicated to anybody that has been abused.”

Push me down,I might seem weaker
You, thinking i might not seem brighter
but i’m wiser!
with every cut!
with every bruise!
i have covered,
your strength made me weaker… for a short time
you made me bleed
thinking you were wiser
but thanks to you
i’ve became a […]

Quotes from Our Adult Students

“I learned to communicate better, especially with my daughter. I can help her with her homework.” — Nayeli
“I understand people better, I know new vocabulary words, and I’m conquering my fear of speaking English.” — Saudia
“I can speak with my boss by myself.” — Juan

Leticia’s Story

Leticia, a graduate of St. Edward’s and member of Providence Center’s prayer group, shared a reflection at our anniversary. She spoke of Sr. Mary Agnes Toomey, who passed away before Providence Center was founded, but whose commitment to helping families inspired our mission.

“When my parents returned to Puerto Rico they gave me their […]

Jana’s Story

Jana is a Teen Leader, one of eight high school students in North Philadelphia hired to work in “Power”, Providence Center’s after school program. Providence Center works in the predominantly Latino neighborhood of Fairhill, a community challenged by Philadelphia’s highest murder and poverty rates. Children in the program receive academic assistance, and they […]

Providence Center’s 20th Anniversary

On October 2, 2014 Providence Center celebrated our 20th anniversary, honoring the founding Sisters and their faithful commitment to the people of Fairhill. Twenty years of adults learning English to build a better life for their families. Twenty years of women praying together and supporting each other. Twenty years of teens becoming […]