Julia De Burgos, the school where we run our youth programs, was put on lockdown five times in 2014 because of shootings outside the classroom walls. Providence Center empowers children to make positive changes in their lives and community, so we were thrilled to support the school’s Peace Walk. Our kids made signs and reflected on peace in their community. Here’s what they had to say:
“I think the peace walk was really good. Especially to hear the young community speak their mind and their thoughts on what they believe. I enjoyed hearing the kids asking for peace. And I was really happy to see other people from the community join us. But I would be really happy to see the people give us peace.” Sam, Teen Leader

“As a teen leader working with young kids and seeing how their environment is, I thought this was really great! I hope this opens the eyes of many people for the better and for our kids who would like to play outside. I felt really good to have other people chant and march with me. I want this to happen again!” Vee, Teen Leader

“Dear Principal: Thank you for the peace walk I like that we were fighting for our rights. You are the best. And we feel safe because of the peace walk today.” 4th grade student

“Dear Principal: Thank for for the peace walk and everything you do for our school. I hope the peace walk worked for the people that do drugs.” 5th grade student